Enjoy Good Health With A Plant-Based Diet

Are you overweight, out of shape and tired of feeling that way? Do you know that your current lifestyle habits, including your diet, are the cause of your imbalances? Is it important to you to learn how to improve your relationship with food and yourself so that you can break free from your current destructive cycle and turn it upwards for greater health and happiness? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then investigating a plant-based diet should be on your to-do list!

Many folks are confused as to what constitutes a plant-based diet and fear that they will be stuck eating a plain salad at every meal. However, that is far from true. The fact is that you have many other delicious foods that you can combine into nutritious meals that will please your palate and provide energizing fuel for your body instead of health-draining foods that are a staple of the the modern American diet.

Vegetables and fruits are at the top of the list for foods that you can eat. However, you can combine veggies in many different salads as well as other flavorful dishes. For instance, you can chop up some onions, mushrooms, a couple of peppers and your favorite green veggies to create a flavorful stir fry that will take minimal time to cook.

Another great way to enjoy the veggies is in a smoothie. These are very popular today because you can add all kinds of nutritious things to these for on-the-go meals. For most folks, veggies are slipped into a blend with flavorful fruits rather than just vegetables. You can find all kinds of recipes online that you can use for combo smoothies.

Fruit can be used to make smoothies without any vegetables at all. Very ripe bananas are a great addition for a sweet, creamy burst of potassium. Fruits can also be eaten in a fruit salad or by themselves.

With a plant-based diet, you can also eat nuts and seeds to provide a great protein boost. Some folks choose to add these to smoothies to further boost the nutritional value. Rather than dulling the blades of your blender with the nuts, purchase some nut butters that you can use. Ground flax seeds are an excellent choice, as are chia seeds, which don’t have to be ground up for maximum nutritional absorption.

Whole grains are another flavorful item on the list that includes all kinds of life-giving breads, rolls, tortillas and a host of similar grain-based foods. You can enjoy these with a nice bowl of legumes, which are also allowed with this type of lifestyle choice.

As you can see there are many different types of food on the diet which will leave you free to explore many new recipes and combinations that you are sure to enjoy. While minimizing, and preferably eliminating, your use of animal products might seem daunting in the beginning, but as your body beings to feel and look better, you will appreciate the multiple benefits associated with a plant-based diet.

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